Best 7 Free Mobile Recharge Sites 2016 (100% Working)


Steps to get free mobile recharge from freetalkie

1.Create your FreeTalkie Account with correct details

2.Login into FreeTalkie Account

3.Check out offers from different Telecom operators in your circle

4.Choose your Recharge amount.

 Steps to get free mobile recharge in

1.Completing survey.

2.You Promote on Facebook by sharing our website link on your facebook profile and various facebook groups.

3.They estimate the number of users that they can get by your sharing. More and More users they get from you, More money you can get for Recharge

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 Steps to get free mobile recharge in Laaptu

1.Joining Bonus Rs.2
2.Guessing games by which you can win 10 rs if your guess is correct.
3.Get 20 paise/guess by Entering guesses.
4.Minimum recharge amount is 10 rs


Steps to get free mobile recharge in FCall

1.You will get 2 paise for sending each Free SMS
2.You will get 3 paise for completing simple quiz which hardly take a minute.
3.You will get 3 paise for attempting True/False question. Doesn’t Believe, Go and get a try!!
4.You will get 1 paisa for attempting a poll question. A Single second to earn a paisa, just select the answer from four option. Earn 1Rs in a minute !!!
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Steps to get Free mobile recharge in DealDostee

1.Signup and get bonus free mobile recharge

2.Like on Facebook to earn free mobile recharge

3.Get free daily recharge credit for logging into the website

4.Refer friends and earn free mobile recharge when they signup

5.Vote on the deals and coupons to earn

6.Post an awesome shopping deal to earn recharge

7.Earn reputation, earn free recharge And much more ways. Click here to learn more.

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Steps to get free mobile Recharge at Fast2Sms

1.Get Rs.1 per successful referral and earn through sending sms or playing quiz.

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 Steps to get free mobile recharge in 160by2

1.Earn Rs.1 per referal

2.You can earn therough sending sms to your friends

3.By achieving higher levels you can win sun glasses ,micro sd card,han etc.You can see Reward store tab

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