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Blogger is a blogging platform by Google. Millions of bloggers using in the world, because it’s free to use.So many bloggers start their blogging career at the

Many of them know what is blogging and what is SEO. But many of the bloggers starting their blogging career as a beginner.There are so many Blogger / Blogspot SEO Guides that you will find on the internet, most of them are related to editing template.
Blogger SEO:
We can control on site and off site blogger SEO. On a page, SEO is covered by your article quality. There is no need to feel if your Blogger blog getting down on SEO. Here, an excellent guide is provided below for every blogger’s to improve your blogger blog’s SEO. Implement the tips and make your blogger blog more search engine friendly.

Submit Site to Search Engines

Submitting blogger / BlogSpot sites to the search engines like google, bing,and yahoo is easy.

Use below tools to submit blogger / BlogSpot sites easily.

Google Webmaster Tools :

Bing and yahoo Webmaster Tools  :   

Choosing a Template

 Blogger SEO Tips For bloggers

Choosing a template is one of the biggest problems for the beginners. Because most of the blogger templates don’t have responsiveness.Desktop users not only visits your blog, mobile users also visits your blog.Nowadays usage of mobile users is more than the desktop users.If your blog is not optimized for responsiveness it hugely affects the mobile users. Mobile responsiveness is also a part of google’s ranking factor.So choose a Responsive blogger template to your blog.If you struggle to get a responsive blogger template , see our some Seo optimized responsive blogger templates in the below link

Custom Robots.txt

Robots.txt file is a text file which contains few lines of simple code.It’s saved on the blog’s server or website.Which is used to instruct the web crawlers to how to index and crawl your blog in the search results.Always remember that search crawlers scan the robots.txt file before crawling any web page.With this, you can restrict  any web page on your blogger blog from web crawlers and simply no index your unwanted blogger blog’s label’s page, demo page, and any other web pages are not as important to get indexed. Now we move to how to add custom robots.txt file to your blogger blog.

Follow the below simple method to add a ustom robots.txt file to your blogger  blog.

As usual ,

  1. Go to your blogger blog
  2. Navigate to settings >> search preferences
  3.  Blogger SEO Tips For bloggers Click on edit link and add the following below code

 Blogger SEO Tips For bloggers

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
 User-agent: *
 Disallow: /search
 Allow: /

Replace your blogger blog URL on highlighted place.

That’s it. Save the File.

Custom Robots Header Tags

Custom robots header tags are used to improve your search engine visibility.It helps your blogger blog to improve your blogger blog’s visibility on SEO, especially for new bloggers.Now I will show you how to add custom robots header tags to your blogger blog.

  1. Click on Custom robots header tags edit link and Enable the custom robots header tags.
  2. Go to your blogger blog dashboard >> Settings >> Search Preferences
  3. Check the Boxe’s as per image is shown below

 Blogger SEO Tips For bloggers

4.That’s it.Click on Save changes Button

Change the Blogger Blog’s Post Title Format

The post title is one of the top factors in On page SEO. See the Below image

 Blogger SEO Tips For bloggers

So, Now we work with blogger template.Before doing this, backup your blogger template.

To back up your existing blogger template,

Go to blogger dashboard >> Template

At the top of the right side, you will see an option for backup / restore.

Click on the option, then download your existing template

Go to your blogger blog dashboard >> Template >> Edit Template

Press ctrl+f for windows, Press alt+f for mac and find the code <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title>

      and replace with the following below code

<b:if cond= 'data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'>

Click on save the template. Now your blogger post titles are showing in Search like this below image

 Blogger SEO Tips For bloggers

Adding Meta Keywords To Blogger Blog Post

Meta keywords are especially used for post to optimize your blog post for multiple keywords in the search.In WordPress, it’s too easy to add meta keywords in the post.But blogger doesn’t have the feature.

But we can add meta keywords for each blogger blog post manually.Now, I will show you how to add meta keywords in each blogger blog post.

1.Go to your blogger blog dashboard >> Template >> Edit Template.

2.Now press ctrl + f for windows users, press alt + f for mac users and find the code

<b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>

, and replace with the following below code.

<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == “POST-URL“‘>
 <meta content=’POST-KEYWORDS‘ name=’keywords’/>
  • Replace POST-URL as your blogger blog post URL
  • Replace POST – KEYWORDS as your blogger post keywords.

If you have 20 blogger blog posts, you should copy and paste the above code in your template 20 times.

Permalink of Posts

Permalink is an URL of your blogger blog post.It’s an awesome place to add targeted keyword of your blogger blog post.Default permalinks are not worthy one to rank your blog post.Because default permalinks create on the basis of our post’s titles.Now we can use custom permalinks to add our targeted keywords.Now I will show you How to add custom permalinks in blogger blog post.

1.Go to your blogger Dashboard >> Posts >> Choose your blog post if you want to change the permalink.

2.You can see permalink section on the right side of your blog post editor.

 Blogger SEO Tips For bloggers

3.Select custom permalink and add your targeted keywords into the custom permalink.

 Blogger SEO Tips For bloggers

No follow External Links

No follow your external links to block search engine advantages of external links in your site.In blogger blog, you can easily change external links as No follow links.

Now I will show you How to make external links as no follow the links in blogger.


Steps to Make external link as Nofollow link in blogger blog post

1.Go to your blogger dashboard >> posts.

2.Select the post if you want to make an external link as a no-follow the link.

3.Before adding a link check the Add ‘rel=nofollow’ attribute box.

4.See the below image to make an external link as a no-follow link.

Guide to improve blogger / blogspot seo

To make any link as a No follow link in blogger blog

 It’s so easy to make any link as a no follow a link in blogger.

 Example:  <a href="">Google</a>

If you want to make the above link as a no follow link simply adding rel=“nofollow” Like below

<a href=""rel="nofollow">Google</a>
Description and Footer text

 Description and footer text also plays an important role in search engine optimization.So provide a good description and footer text to your blogger, BlogSpot blog.

Image optimization

We know  “a picture is better than a thousand words”.So don’t underestimate the power of an image.Images are easily ranking than content.If you optimize the images for SEO, you can drive your blogger blog with images.

Now I will show you how to optimize blogger blog images for SEO.

Add good title and alt text for every image:

1.Go to your blogger dashboard >> posts.

2.Click on the image, you will see a little option.

3.Click properties link on the little option.

 Blogger SEO Tips For bloggers

4.By clicking on the properties link on the little option, you will see a small pop-up.

5.Add your image title text into the first section.

6.Add your image alt text into the second section.See the below image.

 Blogger SEO Tips For bloggers

Social Media

Social media is the powerful and free tool to groove traffic for your blogger blog.Build some social pages for your blogger blog on Facebook, Twitter,Pinterest,Google Plus, LinkedIn and other some popular Social media sites.Update every blog posts on your blogs social media pages. Note: twitter is a good place to create viral content. It suddenly makes huge traffic to your blog.

I hope this tips will definitely help to improve your blogger blog SEO. If you have any doubt’s regarding this please comment below.


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