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Hostwinds Review


Hostwinds does not hide their support from you! Upon arriving their site, you will be greeted with a nice 24/7 chat. This is always a great first impression in my book. I feel more comfortable with a provider if I could talk to them immediately, should any questions arise. which leads me to customer support. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and are truly there to help you along your way. It was a good experience all the way around. I felt they have provided quality answers and were in no way rushing me off their chat. Polite and friendly staff is always a huge plus, but add in some quality results and you have won me over.

I was generally satisfied with the Hostwinds Coupons, and the overall price of every package. This is some serious hosting for a more than fair price. Talk about more bang for your buck! They offer a pretty reasonable(if not unbeatable) price for their shared service. For just four dollars a month, you can have this beautiful package. This is the one I chose at first. The reliability was very dependable and no complaints for the speed. What’s better than that? Adding one dollar a month to upgrade to business, that’s what! After upgrading to business it was clear what the better option for me was. After using Hostwinds coupons, you will get the business upgrade, free! Another viable package is the reseller for twenty five dollars a month. You can become a reseller and make some serious money with these guys. I would feel safe, betting my chips on Hostwinds to make some extra money. That is something I don’t take lightly either. If I put my money into a company, I would make sure they were top notch. Budget Virtual Private Server(VPS) for just seven dollars and fifty cents a month, can’t argue there. That’s some seriously affordable packages! I also signed up for the VPS, and had no complaints at all! Didn’t even need customer support on this one! For somebody who needs some more serious power, I would recommend the dedicated server package. This package will run you about a hundred dollars a month, but is well worth the investment.

On top of all the hosting, there is also a few services worth mentioning here. They offer an SSL service which encrypts your data. 256 Bit encryption for seventy five dollars a year. This is also required for PCI compliance. You can also purchase domain names from them, and I picked mine up for only 15 bucks! They offer a “Windshield”(get it?) which is a firewall to protect your server, preforming application audits, and hardening the admin server. These prices vary but are all well within budget for your needs, they offer 3 different options to go along with that. For eight bucks a month you can get yourself a fancy virtual private network(VPN). That is a pretty good deal! They are secure and allow for private browsing, masking your IP address. My personal favorite is shoutcast. This is a set up for internet radio! This is some serious hosting power. Again there is three different pricing options, ranging from eight bucks a month, to fifty bucks a month. I found the shoutcast really interesting and will be purchasing that for myself as well.
You should really check out Hostwinds, as they are a great provider with great deals. The support is unrivaled and the options seem endless. I was super satisfied with my experience!

Host Winds Coupon Codes
  • Navaneetha Krishnan


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