Install SEO Smart Links In Blogger Blog



SEO Smart Links is a Plugin, it helps you to build Internal Links automatically. This Plugin read every word specified in the article. For example,  a word is repeated again in the upcoming blog post, it automatically turns into a link.

How To Install SEO Smart Links On Blogger Blog

Step 1

Go to your blogger dashboard >>Select the blog if you want to add the SEO smart Links.

Step 2

Click on template >> Edit template

Step 3

Now find the  </body> Tag. Press Ctrl + F for Windows and Press Cmd + F for Mac.Then Place the following code before </body> this Tag.

<script type='text/javascript'>
function smartLink(){
    this.keywdHref = new Object();
    this.add = function(keyword, href){
        if(keyword.substr(0,1) != &quot; &quot;){keyword = &quot; &quot; + keyword;}
        this.keywdHref[keyword] =  href;
    this.createAnchor = function(){
        var objs = document.getElementsByTagName(&quot;div&quot;);
        for(var i=0; i&lt;objs.length; i++){
            var obj = objs[i];
                var content = obj.innerHTML;
                for(var keyword in this.keywdHref){
                    var href = this.keywdHref[keyword];
                    var newstr = content.replace(keyword, &quot;&lt;a href=&#39;&quot;+href+&quot;&#39;&gt;&quot;+keyword+&quot;&lt;/a&gt;&quot;, &quot;gi&quot;);
                    obj.innerHTML = newstr;
                    content = newstr;
    this.startScript = function(){
        var onLoad = window.onload;
        window.onload = function(){
            setTimeout(&quot;f.createAnchor()&quot;, 100);
<script type='text/javascript'>
var f = new smartLink();
f.add(&quot;Thetechshout&quot;, &quot;;);

Step 4

Replace the Word Thetechshout with your own keyword. Replace with your blog URL.

We hope Now you are able to Install SEO Smart Links in Blogger Blog.

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